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Spring is in the air here in Cook County Illinois and the courses are a openin'! I have been more or less faithfully practicing using my favorite golf swing tips throughout the winter and have the goal of having an average score below 100 this year. My first outing will probably be this weekend if the weather forecast holds up (upper 70s' - clear n sunny!)

I have been on various communities and websites for the last six months trying to determine the best way to handle my two main problems that I think keep me from scoring low on the score card - - 150 yards and in accuracy and learning how to put backspin on the golf ball to stop it from rolling off the green when I am on the approach shot.

I will be trying 3 things to make my dream of shooting lower scores a reality - we will see how it works the first few times out:

1. Keep it near the fairway. I plan to give up distance off the tee for a nice relaxed swing that allows me to find my:

2. More expensive golf balls. I found many posts etc., stating that it is far easier to get higher spin rates on balls like the Pro V1. However, this also means that slices will become more pronounced. I will swing easier to try to reduce the number of lost golf balls and go for more "grab" around the greens using my:

3. Pitching wedge and sand wedge. I must further hone my accuracy with these two clubs. I worked VERY hard on these clubs last year and now I am ready to take it to the next level. I didn't have consistent golf balls because I just played with whatever I found. Therefore I didn't realize how heavily my golf ball technology or lack thereof, really impacted my game in the sense that I just couldn't predict where the ball would go, and whether it would stop or keep rolling.

Fresh air, sunshine and golf! I can't wait!!

Oh, you say you need golf tips for beginners? Why? Well, here's the reason. You've just won your chance to move up in the Rat Race. Your boss's boss has just invited you to play with Inner Circle at XYZ Big Wig Golf Country Club.

The only problem is "You Don't Know Squat About Golf" or "I Suck So Bad It's Embarrassing". Either way, you have only got so much time before the real you is exposed to the world, or so you think.

If you want a crash course in generic golf terminology, see this golf tips for beginners web page. If you know the basics but want to improve as fast as humanly possible so that you don't turn into a puddle out there on the course, see this golf instruction reviews page.

Also, I found this awesome article on BNET regarding prepping for just this type of situation. I had this same froggin situation happen to me last year. I was invited to go play at BIG NAME COUNTRY CLUB and wow was that a lot of pressure. I got lucky and shot Par for two holes, then the wheels came completely off the cart.

My game suffered the more I tried not to look bad. It was a real lesson in understanding that if you have a properly grooved swing, pressure will only make it perform better.

I really wish I could have that game back for a redo. On the other hand, going through that "fire" lit a fire in me to become the best player I am capable of being and also fired me up to write about it in my online golf pages.

In order to get ready to play quickly, the trick is to put in efficient practice time by working from the green back to the tee box. If you have confidence in your putting you won’t have to work as hard to score well. If you can chip and pitch properly then putting is a no-brainer because you will leave yourself short putts and you don’t have to get as worked up about approach shot accuracy. If your approach shot is money, then there is less pressure to be accurate off the tee-box. If you focus not on “distance from the tee” but “staying in play” then the rest of the hole will go well.

Focus all of your available practice time from here until "The Big Day" on the easy stuff and leave the hard stuff to Phil Mickelson. It's tons easier to stay sharp if you stay in your comfort zone. It's tons easier to get comfortable with the basics. Putt well. Chip well. Become deadly with those short Irons. This will help you relax when the hard stuff happens like a poor tee shot.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to turn into a puddle or are you going to squeeze this opportunity for all its worth? Do a google search for golf tips for beginners and utilize all the resources that you can find and go PRACTICE.


I am trying to keep my swing and hitting accuracy as tight as possible before the spring season opens.

I have been doing what I can in my living room to keep all of the pieces to the ol' golf swing nice and oiled up. However, its now time to test that accuracy.

That's Right!! It's time to go to the driving range with my new clubs! In January! In Chicago! I bought Wilson Fat Shafts but was seriously considering Ping Golf Clubs.

Luckily, we have awesome entrepreneurs in Cook County here in Illinois who are willing to put up white bubbles the size of a football field for people like me. One of my favorite golf domes and also one of the most well established is White Pines Golf Dome. For about $20 bucks or so for an hour I can really practice my swing and also, shoot at a bunch of different targets.

For instance, they have different "greens" to shoot or pitch at using your hybrid golf clubs. Also, for big hitters they have targets on the back wall. Also, unlike some other domes in the Cook County area, the whole dome is used for golfers and is not segmented for say, softballers.

This is all part of the plan to consistently shoot in the 90's this next season, which would be over a 15 stroke improvement for me. Why not go for the big game?

Montecito Country Club in Beeeuuutifulll Santa Barbara CA
I went to MCC today as a guest of a good friend - - What a course!

I think Southern California might hold some of the best golfing in the US. The front nine holes of this course overlook the 101 freeway and the ocean. The odds are that you will have 75 degrees and sunny just about all of the time.

This is a big change for me coming from the upper midwest where a day above 30 degrees in January is like another Christmas present. Given that Chicago has been COLD most of us golfers have gone to practicing the swing in the living room or in a *gasp* golf dome.

You just don't see this stuff happen in Southern CA for extended periods.

However, next year the Ty Warner course is to be redesigned by the Jack Nicolas course designers and is expected to add amazing play to the already top notch location.

As they say, "and the rich get richer". I can clearly understand why, even in a recession, smallish homes in the vicinity of the country club with an ocean view are listing for $2 million US or so.

On my golf outing I rented some slightly older perimeter weighted Calloway clubs and proceeded to have a really nice time on the course, which seems to play a little on the short side at the moment.

The whole experience left such a good feeling that I went out and bought a new set of Wilson Fat Shaft "forgiveness perimeter weighted" clubs to be ready to go in the spring. Now where'd I put that spare $10 million for my spare ocean front California real estate?

Yep, it's official. If I hear one more thing about Tiger and his fall from grace I will.... Well, I don't know what I will do. If you didn't see the Vanity Fair cover - don't risk your sanity by viewing it.

However, deep in the winter of the Chicago, I have made the following resolution for the new year: Get my game below 100 for one round by the end of the summer. I'll work on staying there if it happens quickly.

Not only do I have a resolution, but I have a plan of attack as well!

Like to hear it? Here it goes!

1. Practice through the winter. My progress has been very fast since I started playing in summer of '08, but I know I could improve even faster if I could play year-round. So I will try to get out to practice once a week. Our indoor golf domes are reasonable enough in Cook County.

2. 100 yards and in. That's the devil! In my practices I will concentrate on becoming extremely accurate with the approach game. Also, I've got to maintain my fairly decent putting.

3. Got new Wilson Fat Shaft clubs this winter. Now get comfortable with whichever club will leave me somewhat straight off the tee-box. Why you is this important you ask? Well let me tell you:

4. I'm graduating to real golf balls. I am going to go for high control and touch around the greens. Unfortunately, my cheapos and fall balls cost me a lot of strokes due to their absolute inability to provide any stickiness on the greens. However, I MUST get even more control of my lefty slice if I'm getting into the high backspin game.

That's it. Gonna keep it simple and let ya'll know how the season goes.

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