Yep, it's official. If I hear one more thing about Tiger and his fall from grace I will.... Well, I don't know what I will do. If you didn't see the Vanity Fair cover - don't risk your sanity by viewing it.

However, deep in the winter of the Chicago, I have made the following resolution for the new year: Get my game below 100 for one round by the end of the summer. I'll work on staying there if it happens quickly.

Not only do I have a resolution, but I have a plan of attack as well!

Like to hear it? Here it goes!

1. Practice through the winter. My progress has been very fast since I started playing in summer of '08, but I know I could improve even faster if I could play year-round. So I will try to get out to practice once a week. Our indoor golf domes are reasonable enough in Cook County.

2. 100 yards and in. That's the devil! In my practices I will concentrate on becoming extremely accurate with the approach game. Also, I've got to maintain my fairly decent putting.

3. Got new Wilson Fat Shaft clubs this winter. Now get comfortable with whichever club will leave me somewhat straight off the tee-box. Why you is this important you ask? Well let me tell you:

4. I'm graduating to real golf balls. I am going to go for high control and touch around the greens. Unfortunately, my cheapos and fall balls cost me a lot of strokes due to their absolute inability to provide any stickiness on the greens. However, I MUST get even more control of my lefty slice if I'm getting into the high backspin game.

That's it. Gonna keep it simple and let ya'll know how the season goes.

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