Montecito Country Club in Beeeuuutifulll Santa Barbara CA
I went to MCC today as a guest of a good friend - - What a course!

I think Southern California might hold some of the best golfing in the US. The front nine holes of this course overlook the 101 freeway and the ocean. The odds are that you will have 75 degrees and sunny just about all of the time.

This is a big change for me coming from the upper midwest where a day above 30 degrees in January is like another Christmas present. Given that Chicago has been COLD most of us golfers have gone to practicing the swing in the living room or in a *gasp* golf dome.

You just don't see this stuff happen in Southern CA for extended periods.

However, next year the Ty Warner course is to be redesigned by the Jack Nicolas course designers and is expected to add amazing play to the already top notch location.

As they say, "and the rich get richer". I can clearly understand why, even in a recession, smallish homes in the vicinity of the country club with an ocean view are listing for $2 million US or so.

On my golf outing I rented some slightly older perimeter weighted Calloway clubs and proceeded to have a really nice time on the course, which seems to play a little on the short side at the moment.

The whole experience left such a good feeling that I went out and bought a new set of Wilson Fat Shaft "forgiveness perimeter weighted" clubs to be ready to go in the spring. Now where'd I put that spare $10 million for my spare ocean front California real estate?