I am trying to keep my swing and hitting accuracy as tight as possible before the spring season opens.

I have been doing what I can in my living room to keep all of the pieces to the ol' golf swing nice and oiled up. However, its now time to test that accuracy.

That's Right!! It's time to go to the driving range with my new clubs! In January! In Chicago! I bought Wilson Fat Shafts but was seriously considering Ping Golf Clubs.

Luckily, we have awesome entrepreneurs in Cook County here in Illinois who are willing to put up white bubbles the size of a football field for people like me. One of my favorite golf domes and also one of the most well established is White Pines Golf Dome. For about $20 bucks or so for an hour I can really practice my swing and also, shoot at a bunch of different targets.

For instance, they have different "greens" to shoot or pitch at using your hybrid golf clubs. Also, for big hitters they have targets on the back wall. Also, unlike some other domes in the Cook County area, the whole dome is used for golfers and is not segmented for say, softballers.

This is all part of the plan to consistently shoot in the 90's this next season, which would be over a 15 stroke improvement for me. Why not go for the big game?