Spring is in the air here in Cook County Illinois and the courses are a openin'! I have been more or less faithfully practicing using my favorite golf swing tips throughout the winter and have the goal of having an average score below 100 this year. My first outing will probably be this weekend if the weather forecast holds up (upper 70s' - clear n sunny!)

I have been on various communities and websites for the last six months trying to determine the best way to handle my two main problems that I think keep me from scoring low on the score card - - 150 yards and in accuracy and learning how to put backspin on the golf ball to stop it from rolling off the green when I am on the approach shot.

I will be trying 3 things to make my dream of shooting lower scores a reality - we will see how it works the first few times out:

1. Keep it near the fairway. I plan to give up distance off the tee for a nice relaxed swing that allows me to find my:

2. More expensive golf balls. I found many posts etc., stating that it is far easier to get higher spin rates on balls like the Pro V1. However, this also means that slices will become more pronounced. I will swing easier to try to reduce the number of lost golf balls and go for more "grab" around the greens using my:

3. Pitching wedge and sand wedge. I must further hone my accuracy with these two clubs. I worked VERY hard on these clubs last year and now I am ready to take it to the next level. I didn't have consistent golf balls because I just played with whatever I found. Therefore I didn't realize how heavily my golf ball technology or lack thereof, really impacted my game in the sense that I just couldn't predict where the ball would go, and whether it would stop or keep rolling.

Fresh air, sunshine and golf! I can't wait!!